Be Naïf, all what this is about

There is a time in life when everyone has to assume responsibility for their money, no matter how boring you find it, when leaving money matters in the hands of someone else –parent, spouse or accountant- will not be enough.

Be Naïf was created to help those ready to assume control of their money find the information they need fast, because, although it is better to learn about personal finances in a relaxed environment, at times one cannot help to be in trouble and in need of a quick, simple solution.

The best things in life are free and money can buy the rest, if one has enough, that is. The good news is that with a little discipline all of us can afford our dreams, no matter how high we dream.

Most of us are not looking to amass a large fortune –though it would be nice- just to have enough to afford the small things that make life comfortable, pay the bills without struggle, have some left to retire without worries, and maybe travel now and then.  However, we do not want to wait or make plans, we want it now. We loose then control of our money, and personal finances become big worries.

Taking charge of your personal finances -knowing what comes in, how much goes out and how you spend it- makes everyone feel much. Taking action is positive. There will not be unexpected surprises or stress, as you know what you are doing, and you will have enough money to achieve all your financial goals.

Travel the financial path to freedom and do not worry if you make some mistakes on the way -everyone does, sometimes we do not invest wisely or buy something expensive that did not live to our expectations- with the reassurance that if you are taking the time to manage your money, no mistake will be bad enough to bankrupt you.

Develop financial common sense and have the satisfaction to see you are getting where you wanted to go.